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20 is Plenty - Village Traffic

Since Spring 2017 the speed limit in Micheldever Village has been 20 miles per hour.

Research shows that introducing a 20mph default speed limit on roads reduces collisions and saves lives. Lowering the default speed limit to 20mph could have substantial health benefits. 20mph will reduce the risk of collisions, help people feel safer, and benefit people’s physical and mental well-being

20 mph sign as you enter the Village

A recent public health study estimated that the 20mph default speed limit could:
  • save lives and reduce the risk and severity of injuries from collisions between vehicles and vulnerable road users.

  • make streets safer for playing, walking and cycling.

  • bring physical and mental health benefits.

  • reduce noise pollution, promote cleaner air and be better for the environment.

How will the 20mph limit affect pollution?

A study by Imperial College found that 20mph limited areas were “pollution neutral”. Many things contribute to pollution levels. They include:

  • driving style,

  • acceleration,

  • braking,

  • vehicle condition

  • distance travelled

  • engine temperature.

Lower speeds mean people feel more comfortable walking and cycling and it is safer for children to walk to school. Older people also feel more able to travel safely.

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful Hampshire village, but there are very few pavements and so pedestrians are very vulnerable. The most effective way to improve pedestrian safety is to reduce the speed of vehicles.

Micheldever Village from the Church Tower

The good news is we now have traffic speed-aware cameras erected in the village and hopefully, this will remind drivers of the speed limit.

Speed aware camera

We are also lucky to have a dedicated team of volunteers who have been trained by the Police Community Speed Watch. This scheme allows the volunteers to monitor the speed of passing vehicles using a hand-held speed detection device.

The volunteers record the details of vehicles which are exceeding the speed limit by around 10%. These details are passed to the Police, who will issue a letter to the vehicle owner, advising them of the dangers of speeding, and reminding them of the law.

It has to be remembered the reason for these checks is to remind drivers of the speed limit and keep our village roads safe, it is not a vendetta but to keep our roads safer for everyone.

20 mph road markings in village

Unfortunately, the results to date show many cases of excess speeding in the 20mph limits. Speeds of over 40mph are not uncommon and we have recorded a speed of over 50mph.

Our County Councillor has been contacted with regard to other options should the Speed Watch and the Speed Indicator Devices not result in a reduction in speeding in the village. For example, It could be that the 20mph limit signs are too far from the centre of the village.

We are always seeking volunteers to join the happy crew. If you are interested please contact Tony Patston on 07990 595696 or email

Please remember 20 is Plenty!

Movement updates

Statistics from the speed camera situated on Duke Street from 30 July to 30 August 2023.

3597 movements registered - note these are movements towards the machine only, it doesn’t register movements going away. It does count bicycles.

Top speed registered 45.4mph!

Average 22.8mph

93% of movements were below 30mph.

24% of movements were below 20mph.

76% were over the limit!


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