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Borough Farm

Borough Farm

Back garden 2006

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For history of the Farm  in 1850s CLICK HERE

T H E EXCAVATION by John Collis  

During 1961-2 ploughing in the field west of Bazeley Copse (SU 505383) revealed a number of finds, apparently mainly of Roman date,  and the foundations of a Roman building.  The finds were dispersed, but a report reached the City Museum, Winchester. This site was one of two plough-damaged sites which I trenched in the autumn of 1962, but it was the other site, at Owslebury, which received subsequent attention. The work at Micheldever was of limited scope as it was carried out single-handed, mainly during school hours.  My thanks to Mr. Keep who gave me permission to excavate in his fields and also helped me to locate the building; and also to my Headmaster, Mr. J. S. Shields, who allowed me special leave from school duties. The finds have been deposited in the City Museum, Winchester, under the site code number 246, and the site records are in the Museum's History File. Numbers in the text refer to the museum catalogue numbers.


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