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Gardeners & Honeysuckle Cottages

Gardeners & Honeysuckle Cottages

The Cottages 1900

Research has not been completed on these cottages, so updates will be added in the future.

Believed to be built around 1580, they are timber-framed colourwashed brick infill. Half-hipped thatch roof. During alterations a timber was found in No. 61 inscribed 'W.B. 1552'.

Honeysuckle Cottage was renovated in 1983, and there were a number of original wattle and daub panels between the timber framing.

For many years it was the home of Jack Clark and his sister Dolly. Jack was a very keen gardener (the soil is wonderful) and a pony was kept in the garden at one point. Perhaps that is why the soil is so fertile!

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