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Micheldever Cottage

Micheldever Cottage

Micheldever Cottage 2021

The timber framed portion facing Rook Lane dates from the late 16th century, and the portion facing east across the meadow is late 17th century to early 18th century. The rear wing is relatively recent.

The dwelling was also used as the village school until the Victorian School adjacent was built, and the living quarters were used by the village school teacher.

In much earlier times this was probably also the cottage in which the head servant of the Micheldever Manor house resided, since it was so close.

While the school teacher lived in the house and the ‘new’ school was in operation, the teacher had a gate and private pathway to the school and occasionally the gate and path are visible across the adjoining orchard. Later a new Victorian House was built next to the school (Flint Cottage) and the headmaster used to live there until the 1960s.

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