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Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage
Rose Cottage 1960

The following information was taken from the album recording the Micheldever Country Festival in 1984 held to raise funds for restoring St Mary's church tower.

This house was originally 3 cottages, although now it is one dwelling. According to a map of 1730 it can be seen that the boundaries of the land belonging to the house have not altered.

The oldest part of the house is in the centre, at the back. When work was done in the 1980s, a wattle and daub wall was uncovered.

The thatched roof was replaced by slates in the early 20th century.

Rose Cottage was owned for many years by Vice Admiral Sir Norman Egbert 'Ned' Denning and it was there that he died on 27 December 1979 due to the following circumstances.  After separating a pair of fighting dogs he was bitten on the hand, and the resulting tetanus jab caused a reaction which set off a heart attack. There is a plaque in St Mary's in his memory.

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