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Shillingbury Cottage, 87 and 89 at The Crease

Shillingbury Cottage, 87  and 89 at The Crease

The cottages from The Crease

These three cottages formed part of the oldest house in the village. It was built circa 1480. Local folklore has for a long time believed it to be a Pilgrim’s Hospice. However, although the land was owned by the Abbot and Monks of Newminster, it is more likely to have been a wealthy Yeoman.

87 forms the service of the house, together with the extension built around 1700 to join it to No. 86

88 forms the main hall, cross passage and first bedchamber.

89 forms the parlour and second bedchamber together with an extension to join it to the old Forge.

The building is the only house to have been built using a jetty without a cantilever. The hall contains a rare “Jointed Cruck”, an arched beam from one side of the house to the other. In the 16th century the hall was floored. The large carved beam that supports the floor is thought to have come from Hyde Abbey.

Further research is continuing on this property.

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