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Census Records


The 1841 census was held on Sunday 6th June 1841.

Kids in Dever

Below is a summary of the census records. However, if you wish to view individual details, please click on the link to see the details of the census records in two different formats.

Ages given in the 1841 census are exact to age 14. From age 15 ages are given as the lowest age in five year groups, eg those aged 15-19 are all shown as aged 15.

This census is sequenced as follows: Parkhill, Larkwhistle, Blackwood, Bradley, Andover Road Station (now Micheldever Station), Southbrook (now Micheldever Village), Burrow (now Borough), Highway, Blackcroft, Northbrook, Weston (now Weston Colley), West Stratton. Only the farms and large establishments are named.

The population was approximately 1100, the predominant surnames being: Ball, Baverstock, Brazier, Cole, Collis, Gunsall, Hall, Hobbs, Whatmore and White.

Most men were employed as agricultural labourers and some of those living at what we now know as Micheldever Station were employed at the Station. The few women in employment were described as F S (female servant). However, Southbrook had a female milliner, a dressmaker and a rag gatherer.

At Andover Road Station (now Micheldever Station) were living the Railway Agent, John South with his wife, a female servant and a porter (sch 1402). The Western Road Hotel was run by Robin Wolfe (sch 1403). There was a policeman, William Hoskins (sch 1404), living at Northbrook Warren and also a blacksmith, R D Prickton (sch 1405).

Coming to Southbrook, the schoolmaster and schoolmistress were Thomas and Eliza White with 2 young sons. (sch 1418) (Micheldever Cottage)

Also in Southbrook there was Thomas Dawden, farmer at Shiphouse Farm (sch 1416). Henry Pain farmed Manor Farm (sch 1501), and William Pain farmed Burrow Farm (now Borough Farm) (Sch 1502). Both had four servants. Francis Callender farmed at Newdown Farm. (sch 1519)

One residence, presumably the workhouse, had 44 residents, most of them classed as paupers, including some children.(sch 1419) (Southbrook House Almshouses, at the end of Rook Lane)

Tradesmen included carpenters, a shoemaker, a wheelwright., a blacksmith, 2 wood dealers, a tailor, some bricklayers. The butcher was Thomas Gale (sch 1428) (Barn Cottage) and the baker cum grocer Cornelius Knight (sch 1431). Richard Collis (sch 1440) and William Attwood. (sch 1473) were also grocers.

The Eagle Inn at Southbrook was run by Henry Hillary and there were six people of various occupations also living there in addition to his sizeable family. (Sch 1483)

The vicar was Thomas Clark, born in Ireland who maintained 4 servants and a governess. (sch 1500) (The Vicarage was located in what is now known as The Old Bakehouse)

Moving onto Northbrook, the tradesmen include a shoemaker, blacksmiths, a maltster (Thomas Moon – sch 1529), a basketmaker, a bricklayer, a carpenter.

In Weston Colley, Richard Dear Farmed Weston Colley Farm. (sch 1564)

In West Stratton, there was both a baker and a grocer. Thomas Courtney farmed here (sch 1566)

My thanks to Colin Filmer and Trish Patston for creating these census records and the summaries.

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