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Micheldever Stores - Update

Upper valley from Weston Lane


As declared a short while ago, work has been going on to introduce new and more interesting lines. The aim has been to focus on quality lines which will be additional to the current value lines. 

The first step will be the introduction of 4 new lines and to do so immediately after the Easter weekend. Two of the lines have involved sampling by a representative number of people across the village - and the feedback has been enthusiastic. 

The first line is a range of pies which will be in the chiller. They have passed a test on quality of pastry, tastiness of content and value. They are ideal for a lunch or a hungry youngster at short notice. 

The second line is a range of ready meals in the freezer. The company has outstanding eco credentials, is unique in this area (although now a Waitrose offer in other parts of the country) and is getting great accolades. The company is ByRuby and, again, the sampling has been hugely enjoyed. The range is meals for one and meals for two. With both of the above lines, initially it will be in small quantities which will increase as the lines get known and prove popular. 

Rajeev will have to hand the whole range available. When you go to get yours, do look at the range and let Rajeev know what ones you would favour. And please be patient if he sells out quickly, it will take a few weeks to build the range to popular taste without Rajeev incurring waste - and loss of money. 

The third line is a selection of locally produced vegetables which will populate the wonderful trays outside the store that James Dixon has constructed for just such a purpose. This a tick in the eco box as well as the transportation implications being minimal. 

The fourth line is fresh dairy products from a local farm (another tick in the eco box). The milk from the farm is pasteurised and one day fresh as opposed to other commercial sources that are, in addition, homogenised so that it can be at least 7 days old. The milk will be in re-usable glass bottles (another eco tick) and will start off with full fat and semi- skimmed. There will also be locally made butter, yoghurt, orange juice and apple juice. Hopefully, these first four lines will prove popular, that they can grow and we can introduce more new lines, one of which will shortly be frozen patties and sausage rolls. The aim is to try and focus on local, on suppliers who will deliver to Rajeev and reduce the lines that are as as easy and cheaper to get from Tesco - except those items that are essential for family life. As always, success is dependent on information. Please let Rajeev know of your preferences. 

Please get in touch with either Richard Vellacott ( or Charles Holden ( with ides etc. And in return we will keep
As this develops so more information will be promoted on the village website, email and further editions of The Dever as well, of course, on the STORE’S OWN Facebook and Instagram pages

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