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RoWVers 2022: Farewell, Welcome and look ahead to 2023.

Upper valley from Weston Lane

A brief update from the parish Rights of Way volunteers.

We've had a fairly quiet year for big clearance jobs around the parish, but some great work has been done on tree clearances after storms, on footpath and local bridge mapping, on new steps for the railway embankment path and on promotion of the local map boards (and restoration of one!). Big thanks to all volunteers who've helped out this year.

We bid farewell to Co-Chair, James Alpe as he moves on from Micheldever shortly, for pastures new.  

All good wishes, James.

We're pleased to report that Nigel Pratt, an existing RoWVer and dab hand with a chainsaw (!) has kindly agreed to pick up the role of Co-Chair, with Lynsey Sweeney, from this month.

Nigel's email is:

Lynsey is: or call 07791 489 710

Please feel free to contact either of us directly with any rights of way issues.

Nigel and I will be in touch with all RoWVers soon, with updates on a few projects and a look ahead to work for 2023.

Happy New Year all, and (in the spirit of Strictly Come Dancing...)  - Keeeeeep Walking!

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