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Winchester Road - further information

Upper valley from Weston Lane

Jubilee Cottages nos 93 and 94 Winchester Road were built in 1887, the year of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee (source Helen Hitchings).

Sites of Cloudesley, Mijas, Waney Elm, Peveril (formerly Wynkins) and Pinehill were listed as Plot 407 in the 1920 Sale.

Historically there was a block of 4 cottages where the entrance to Pinehill now is.

In the 1930s this land appears to have become the property of Micheldever House. Possibly the kitchen gardens and/or orchard of Micheldever House.

1948 - the plots were sold to a local smallholder – does it then become a market garden?  Some time later Wynkins was built.

Date? - Cloudesley plot sold.

1961 - Mijas and Waney Elm (initially Russell Cottage) plot sold from Wynkins.

1963 - Mijas and Waney Elm built.

Date? Peveril built on Wynkins site. Peveril was lived in from 1980 to c2015 by David and Barbara Asdell. He was an engineer. During WWII he was in 13th/18th Hussars armoured reconnaissance and was wounded four times finally losing his leg. She was in the ATS and second-in-command of an Anti-Aircraft Battery defending London.

1974 - Pinehill site split off and Pinehill built

Site of Lane End was listed as Plot 408 in the 1920 Sale.

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