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Dever Society

The Dever Society was founded in 1990 to combat the threat of a new town at Micheldever Station. Our mission is to conserve, protect and celebrate Hampshire’s rural heartland.
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Dever Society

Contact information


Phone: 07936 307592



The Dever Society is an amenity society and is a registered charity. The Society’s mission is to conserve, protect and celebrate the countryside in this part of Hampshire. In particular, we are concerned with the conservation and enhancement of the mid-Hampshire Downs and the Dever Valley, which comprise the rural heartland of the county. These areas provide a unique and valued resource for those who visit and enjoy the countryside, as well as forming an essential feature of the agricultural economy of the county.

While the Society’s principal focus remains the protection of this area of Hampshire from inappropriate development, it also plays an active role in the planning of the wider area.

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