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Clarke Family

Clarke Family

There are various Clarke families in the area, related and unrelated. 

Their father was Edward (Ted) b 1891 married Florence Letitia (Lettie) and had seven children

Three girls – one Mabel who married Tom Foster and lived in Jubilee Cottage, 93 Winchester Road. It was subsequently sold to Peter Attwood who lives there now. The Fosters went to Canada.

Freddie born 1931 in Westbrook Cottage, Church Street – see Obituary by Gail Bates; married Sheina in 1964 in Sutton Scotney Methodist Church. Her father worked for Lord Rank. They later built and moved to Westbrook Farmhouse and after that built and moved to Chaldwell Cottage. Latterly they lived at Westbrook Farm Cottage, Northbrook, after Tommy’s death.

John b 1933.

Tommy b. 1934. He farmed from Westbrook Farm Cottage, Northbrook. Married in 1978 Janet – see obituary.

Eddie b 1936.

One of the Clarkes married Doug Ranger of the transport business.


Relationship not known - Jack Clarke lived in Gardener’s Cottage, Church Street. He had a brother George and sister Dorothy (Dolly) married a Wilson.

* * *

Freddie Clarke

Dever Magazine Obituary August 2018

Freddie was born in 1931 at Westbrook Cottage, the youngest of 4 boys. A Micheldever man all his long life, having attended the local school which he left, aged 14, to join his father on the farm.

Boyhood days included holidays at Pontin's Holiday Camp at Bracklesham Bay with other

lads and later, being an athletic man, he played local cricket, tennis and football, becoming

a passionate Arsenal supporter. Relaxation came in the form of a regular game of Pool in a barn with Barry Collins and included a cup which was passed from winner to winner each week. Visits to Goodwood Races also presented a well-deserved break.

In his early years work on the farm was physically tough and the days long, but it gradually improved with the introduction of modern machinery. Keeping a dairy herd gave little time to shirk one's duty and it was a vocation that Freddie faithfully pursued; thereby giving much needed sustenance to the community. A familiar sight in the village was brother Tom driving the tractor and Freddie balancing on the trailer. His pride and joy was the glorious display of dahlias that he grew, much admired by passers-by.

Freddie married Sheina in 1964 in Sutton Scotney Methodist Church and she gave him devoted support throughout their life together. Freddie was father to Sharon and Anne and grandfather to their children.

Farewell to a true countryman

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