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Hillary Family

Hillary Family

This family of agricultural engineers are descended from a Village Innkeeper, Henry Hillary.

In 1922 William Hillary, his great grandson, became the owner of the right hand side of Fardels.

The 1939 Register shows the same William Henry Hillary owning 55 Waterloo Cottages, 69 Church Street, 98 Winchester Road, Riverside Cottage Church Street, 106 Duke Street (Fardels), Weston Colley Road North side, Watercress beds & fields x 2, 47 Northbrook (Waterside Cottages). Quite a man of property! Here follows a family history through the census records.

In the first census held in 1841, the Hillary family lived at the Eagle Inn, Southbrook (now The Half Moon & Spread Eagle). Henry Hillary, born in 1801 at Ringwood, was the innkeeper, married to Sarah, born in Southampton. They had 8 children, the eldest of whom was Henry (George), born in 1828 at Southampton. By 1851, Sarah was a widow and now the innkeeper herself, with 5 children still living at home, including the eldest Henry George.

In 1861 Henry George is married to Mary, born in 1827 at Fulham, and living in Northbrook. They have 6 children (3 boys, 3 girls) all born in Micheldever. Henry is working as an Agricultural Labourer.

By 1871, they have had 4 more children (2 boys, 2 girls) & are still living at Northbrook, 4 Northbrook Cottages. Mary is a dressmaker. Their son William Frederick, born 1856 in Micheldever, is a lodger at Weston Down with William & Mary Baverstock, working as a plough boy. His brother Francis Walter, born in 1859 at Micheldever, is also a plough boy but still living at home. Interestingly, Louisa Hillary, daughter of Henry & Sarah, is married to George Gutteridge, also a Blacksmith, and living at Northbrook Cottages Beer Shop!

In 1881, the only Hillarys living here are the remaining family of Henry who is an Engine Driver (Ag), living at Northbrook with his wife Mary & 2 children. George & Louisa Gutteridge are living at The Full Moon Public House, Northbrook. George is both a blacksmith & a publican.

However in 1891, three of Henry's sons are married & back in the village living with their growing families as follows. Alfred James, born in 1863 at Micheldever, married to Ester, born 1862 also in Micheldever. He is employed as an Engine Driver (Agricultural). They have 4 children & live at 48 Northbrook.

Francis Walter, also an Engine Driver, born in 1859 in Micheldever, is married to Elizabeth, born in 1862 in East Stratton. They also have 4 children and live in Winchester Road.

William Frederick, born in 1857 in Micheldever is married to Ellen, born in 1853 in Odiham. They have a son William H, born in 1880 in Wonston. They live in Church Street & he is a machinist.

Their mother Mary, now a widow is living with her son Edwin C who was born in Micheldever in 1868, a groom, married to Alice M, born in Sparsholt in 1871.

By 1901, these 3 families are well established in the village.

Alfred & Ester (nee Whatmore) now have 5 children. They live at 48 Northbrook & Alfred is an Agricultural Engine Driver.

Francis & Elizabeth have 3 children. They are living at 93 Winchester Street & Francis is a Traction Engine Driver.

William Frederick & Ellen & their one son are living at 69 Church Street. William F is a Traction Engine Driver too.

In the meantime their mother Mary, now 73, is living in Northbrook. She is described as receiving Outdoor Relief.

In 1911, we still see these same families in the village, even Mary, now 83 and living at 47 Northbrook.

Alfred & Ester have had 2 more children. They are living at 46 Northbrook and Alfred is still an Agricultural Engine Driver.

Francis & Elizabeth have only 1 child still living at home. They live in Winchester Road & he is still a Traction Engine Driver.

William Henry, born in 1879, the son of William F & Ellen is now married to Florence Mary, born at Sutton Scotney in 1881 and they have 3 children. They live at River Cottage (Waterside Cottages?) & he is an Agricultural Engineer. Ellen is a widow living at 69 Church Street.

In the 1939 Register, Alfred James is still living at 46 & 48 Northbrook (Waterside Cottages) and also owns some watercress beds & fields.

Francis until recently lived at 94 Winchester Road.

William Henry's mother Ellen lived at 69 Church Street.

For William Henry see introductory paragraph.

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