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20 is Plenty - Movement Updates

20 mph sign as you enter the Village

Movement updates

November 2023

Total Vehicles : 3942

 Average Speed : 20.6 MPH

30th Percentile : 17.0 MPH

50th Percentile : 19.3 MPH

85th Percentile : 25.7 MPH

95th Percentile : 30.6 MPH

Highest Speed : 53.3 MPH

Total Over Speed Limit: 51.8 %

October 2023

Total Vehicles : 4626

Average Speed 22.1 MPH

30th Percentile : 18.2 MPH

50th Percentile : 20.7 MPH

85th Percentile : 27.7 MPH

95th Percentile : 32.5 MPH

Highest Speed : 45.7 MPH

Total Over Speed Limit: 62.3

1 Sept to 8th October 2023

Total Vehicles :

7586 movements registered - note these are movements towards the machine only, it doesn’t register movements going away. It does count bicycles.

Top Speed 51.2 mph

Average Speed 25.2 mph

30th Percentile: 21.0 mph

50th Percentile: 24.2 mph

85th Percentile: 31.0 mph

95th Percentile: 34.7 mph

30 July to 30 August 2023.

3597 movements registered

Top speed registered 45.4mph!

Average 22.8mph

93% of movements were below 30mph.

24% of movements were below 20mph.

76% were over the limit!

We are also lucky to have a dedicated team of volunteers who have been trained by the Police Community Speed Watch. This scheme allows the volunteers to monitor the speed of passing vehicles using a hand-held speed detection device.

The volunteers record the details of vehicles which are exceeding the speed limit by around 10%. These details are passed to the Police, who will issue a letter to the vehicle owner, advising them of the dangers of speeding, and reminding them of the law.

It has to be remembered the reason for these checks is to remind drivers of the speed limit and keep our village roads safe, it is not a vendetta but to keep our roads safer for everyone.

20 mph road markings in village

We are always seeking volunteers to join the happy crew. If you are interested please contact Tony Patston on 07990 595696 or email

Please remember 20 is Plenty!

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