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Show me the way to Weston Colley!

RoWVers take on jobs large and small across the parish, to keep our rights of way clear and signposted.

We reinstalled a Fingerpost at Weston Colley this month that had a bit of a wobble on it.

A bit of digging and half a bag of postcrete later, the post is shored up and should now be serving the good folk of Weston Colley, and visitors at the local Rivermead Campsite for a few more years.

The post shows the way to a lovely little path that connects Weston to Norsebury and Wonston, taking walkers on a more pleasant path than the main road, ultimately leading to Sutton Scotney on back lanes and river routes. Also at Weston is a Map Board sharing local history and mapping rights of way; well worth a wander.

Weston Colley mapping board

If you would like more details on the great work the RoWVer's do Click here


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