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Beautiful Bazeley: make May the month you go!

The Micheldever Parish Rights of Way Volunteers (RoWVers) were out in April, clearing the footpath at beautiful Bazeley Copse, a local spot and a bit of a hidden gem.

Situated just southwest of the village centre, access to the Copse is easy.

Go along Sloe Lane to Borough Farm (admire the new thatch on the long old barn there), then take the track that runs to the side of the farm, up past two houses, following it for approx 1 mile to reach the bottom edge of the wood.

Rights of way posts will lead you to that point and show you the way through; follow the natural track along, through, and then gradually up, right to the top. You can then go down to the track adjacent to the open grassland alongside Bazeley and admire the view as you walk back down to your start. If you want to walk longer, leave the Copse, join the track, then turn left across a field path (signed) that takes you to the Alresford Drove. You can get your bearings and gather local info from the Map Board there, installed at the Drove by RoWVers. Bazeley Copse is well worth a visit any time, but early May is the time to go! The bluebells are up and out, their scent is just emerging, and they carpet whole areas of the Copse.

The Copse is a registered ancient woodland; it contains the site of a Roman settlement, and to the west of the Copse (near the open grassland) is evidence of an earlier Celtic field system and an Iron Age banjo enclosure. Imagine the lives that have lived or passed through the Copse over the centuries; how lucky we are to have the woodland still and enjoy it. In its recent history, one of our very own RoWVer volunteers proposed marriage to their beloved right in the heart of the Copse, and pleased to report all ended well! Whatever gets you to Bazeley this May, go. Enjoy its beauty, peace, and tranquillity; a chance to commune with nature and recharge the soul.

If you would like more details on the great work the RoWVer's do Click here


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